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As a church we believe prayer is powerful. For this reason we want to pray for you! Prayer can change things. You can post a prayer request below or you can choose to pray for those requests already posted.

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  1. kim says:

    Please pray for me…I have been battling severe depression lately. Thanks

    • Jammie says:

      Dear Kim,
      I’m sending a big e-HUG to you right now. I know your church family would love to give them to you in person. You are not alone. God loves you, we love you, there is hope for the future. I hope you are feeling better. Love, Jammie

  2. KB says:

    Please pray for me. I am a school teacher. I am in real danger of being terminated. I filed a complaint on my principal for yelling at teachers. Now she has fabricated numerous pieces of evidence on me stating that I was insubordinate to her, which is not true. Now its a chance I may be terminated. Please pray for me to keep my job. I had a hearing today at the board of education and they will issue their decision in two weeks. Thank you very kindly

    • Jammie says:

      Dear KB, I hope the issue was resolved in your favor. In any case, hold on to the words of Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for peace and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (ESV)

      Love, Jammie

  3. Beverley Stout says:

    My granddaughter, Justice Black, is not going to be able to graduate from Milo Academy in Oregon unless we are able to pay her bill. She had worked very hard and we have done all that we can do. Please pray that God will help us work out something. Thank you.

  4. Phil Chavez says:

    Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with a Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD.I’ve never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 18 years,I’m 41 years old now…Please also Pray GOD will put it in the hearts of multitudes upon multitudes of people to pray for my prayer requests … Thank You…..

  5. anonymous says:

    We are going through a custody battle for the children. I am fighting many lies. My “ex’ is not Christian and after coming from their mothers’ they pick up her profanities. They will then not be going to church anymore if she should acquire custody. My son Blake is asthmatic and daughter Maci has respiratory issues and she even smokes in the car with them, Please pray for our situation. She is also into witchcraft. The fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much. God Bless you for your prayers.

    • Jammie says:

      I am sorry to hear about what is happening with your family. God be with you and your children. I pray that He protects and keeps your family close to Him. Love, Jammie

  6. Filiberto says:

    Pray GOD shows me how to give Mercy the way GOD would want me to.Pray GOD gives me a milllion times more Mercy than i can give.Pray GOD gives me the HOLY SPIRIT real strong over my life,body,mind,soul and spirit.Pray GOD gives me the Faith to move mountains.Pray all these things will be fulfilled in the Name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD.

  7. Phil says:

    Please Pray my soulmate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soulmate.Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years…Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life…Pray everyone who has Prayed for me to get a soulmate in the past years,GOD will remind those people to Pray for me to get a soulmate over and over again and again.Pray GOD will lead many people to see this Prayer Request and Pray GOD puts it in their hearts to Pray for this Prayer Request….Phil C.

    • Jammie says:

      Dear Phil, I know how you feel. I prayed for the same thing for a veeery long time. But God is good and kind, and led me to the man who is perfect for me, and now we are happily married. I am sure He will do the same for you if you keep trusting in Him. Blessings! Love, Jammie

  8. Wesley Twoco says:

    Hi, Please can you intercede from my 2 boys, Jadon and Kaemon. They need to be protected from the world and its wicked influence. Their mother, Sarah, please pray that she is guided into the Truth , which is our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless us all Thank you.

  9. Danonymous says:

    My wife and I are looking for job. Please, pray that God may intervene and bless us with jobs. Thanks

    • Jammie says:

      Dear Danonymous, I don’t know what kind of jobs you are looking for, but have you heard of the website They have some good listings. Also, it might help to go on the websites of companies you like, find the contact info and pitch your services to them (calling them is even better.) Hope this helps and I’m praying for you two! Love, Jammie

  10. Jiilan says:

    Heavenly Father please hear my cries and fulfill Your promise for me Jeremiah 51:36 Therefore thus saith the LORD Behold, I will plead thy cause, and take vengeance for thee; and I will dry up her sea, and make her springs dry Psalm 25:1-2 To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. O my God, in you I trust, let me not be put to shame let not my enemies triumph over me. Father have mercy on me & my daughter. Father speak for me & show my cruel adulterous husband his sister that You are with me. Deliver us from their mental torture. Father I am all alone. Father You are the only Hope for us. Father do not delay waiting for your answer since 2 ½ years. I have hide my identity. IJN Amen

  11. Jammie says:

    Dear Church Family,
    Please pray for Bjorn today. He is speaking at 7:30 p.m. tonight. Please ask that God fills him with the Holy Spirit and uses us to be lights and good servants to others.

    I also want to give a praise to God for you all and for your loving support. We miss you all mucho! Love, Jammie

    • Web Admin says:

      This is a late response, but it was done. Please send us the link so that we may post the sermon on the site :).

  12. Jilian says:

    Heavenly father I could not bear any more this pain & sorrows. I am mentally & physically completely crushed, help me. If it is Your WILL throw fire on my cruel husband’s adulterous relationship.Have mercy on me restore & SAVE my marriage. SEND your angels to protect me & my daughter from all evil. Father bring peace, joy & love in our lives. Waiting for Your answer with a rolling tears on my knee since 2 ½ years. I have hide my identity. IJN Amen

  13. Sony says:

    pls pls pray for financial blessings on me and my family. pls pray that our good lord blesses my husband vinod with some business oppurtunities, finances and prosperity in abundance. my husband vinod has been out of work for sometime . pls pray that jesus opens some door for him to start working.thankyou.praise the lord.

  14. t ing says:

    please pray for me im losing love of my boyfriend taylor who was my 1st real lover in my life. he is differnt n colder to me compared 1st met this makes me unhappy. i am fear of his infidelity upon me. pleae pray for us that he never does that n we would lobe ne rekindled. also the pain n sadness from this making me sick n not hungry i am at my thinniest in life. i dont want to get sick or cancers too

  15. ht says:

    please pray that i have the chances n money backup n support of job to move to a new place n see the worlds places i want to see.

  16. K How says:

    Please pray for me to learn German. Thank you, K

  17. Jessika says:

    Mi amiga Cristina y su esposo tienen 7 años de casados, durante este tiempo han estado intentando tener hijos y no se ha dado, hace poco decidieron buscar ayuda médica pero ahora han decidido ponerlo en las manos de Dios. Este mes de abril todos los días a las 5 am amigos y familiares estaremos orando por un milagro, si es la voluntad de Dios el les bendecirá con un hijo sin necesidad de tratamientos. Por favor ayúdennos a hacer esta cadena más fuerte.

  18. Hepzibah Mary says:

    I had a friend and he was my dearest and best friend. There was great love and understanding between us. We were there for each other. I loved him greatly and still love him. He means a lot to me. But in January we had a small misunderstanding and since then he has stopped talking to me. I tried many times to set things right between us but he is adamant. He ignores all my messages and it has greatly affected me. He is the only friend I have. I miss him greatly. I am emotionally disturbed. I have been praying to God to give him back to me. I humbly request you to pray for me – for my friend to understand. He also needs emotional and physical healing. He is very sick.

    • Anthony Osei Tutu says:

      Hello Mary,

      I hope the Lord”s came to your aid with the prayer request. Sorry for our late response. We believe that just asking and having faith in what the Lord can do, is a sure way He turns His eyes to our demands. We hope to hear the miracles that was done in our friends life and your life. Please visit us whenever you can. We are here for one another.


  19. Filip says:

    If anyone is reading this.. Please remember me in your prayers. I live in Berlin for a second year now.. I’m having severe depression and health problems. Last couple of months I live with a terrible pain in my back and my legs. It’s keeping me awake at night so I’m afraid I might get seriously ill (if I haven’t already) due to lack of sleep. My poor german is the reason I’m not able to normally communicate with any doctor here. I have a feeling I’m treated really poorly since no one takes time to listen to me and help me. I’m having an ultrasound by the end of the month. They told me I’ll most likely need a surgery, but I’m scared of it. Since my job is mostly standing on my feet I will not be able to recover properly. I’m all alone. Losing hope..

    Please, remember me in your prayers. Thank you and god bless you.

    • Anthony Osei Tutu says:

      Hi Filip,
      Sorry for the late response. Sure we will pray for you brother. God is the healer and in good faith asking, He will surely com to you aid. We are always open on Saturday 11 am to 4 pm, if you feel like visiting us also. We have a great community mostly English speaking and some native Germans. We are here to assist one another in prayer and kind as we await the Lord’s second coming. Bless you


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